Alta du Toit school


Vision of school

Alta du Toit School provides a supportive and enriching environment where each learner’s potential is developed and the growth of each staff member is encouraged.

Mission of school

To prepare learners for their life’s journey taking individual challenges into account.

Structure & Curriculum


Classes are organized into 4 phases:

• Junior phase
• Intermediate phase
• Senior phase
• Vocational phase

A learner may remain in a certain phase for two to three years, but will be placed with different teachers within that phase. Emotional development, as well as the age and the level of progress that has been reached, will be considered before a learner is promoted to a next phase.


• Self-reliance-, social- and life skills
• Effective communication (language skills or sign language)
• Optimum motor and perceptual skills
• Functional scholastic skills such as numeracy and literacy
• Awareness of the environment, nature and safety measures
• Vocational skills
• Execution of domestic chores
• Meaningful recreation and relaxation
• A simple understanding of religion


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